assorted mushrooms

Mushroom CSA

Want more of the culinary and health benefits of mushrooms in your life while supporting our growing farm? We offer a small CSA with pickup options at Angelinas Kitchen in Pittsboro, NC, Left Bank Butchery in Saxapahaw. Participants receive a pound of mixed mushrooms per week. Contact Us about enrolling and we can send you an online invoice and confirm your pickup location.

CSA purchases are by quarter, and we can accept a limited number of pro-rated CSAs for our fall quarter:

Oct 1 - Dec 31 -13 weeks (skipping week of Christmas and New Years) $208

Likely mushrooms will be shiitake, brown and blue oyster, lions mane, king trumpet, Seasonal Wild Foraged Mushrooms: Maitake, honey mushrooms

January 7- March 31

12 weeks $192

April 1 - June 30th

13 weeks $208

July 1 -Sept 30

13 weeks $208

Pickup Locations and Dates:
*We are open to adding new pickup locations with a 5 member registration minimum. Contact us if you think we should be in your neighborhood!

Left Bank Butchery (Saxapahaw)
1729 Saxapahaw-Bethlehem Church Rd, Saxapahaw, NC 27340
Thursdays noon-7pm

Chatham MarketPlace (Pittsboro)
480 Hillsboro St, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Mondays 1pm -9pm (extended pickup* available Tuesday 7am-9pm)

Angelinas Kitchen (Pittsboro)
23 Rectory St, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Mondays 12:30-3pm (Extended Pickup* Tues -Fri 11am-3pm)

*Extended pickup means this site has agreed to hold your mushrooms until the final time listed under extended pickup. Your mushrooms will be delivered by the earliest time listed in the pickup window.


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA members are making a sustained investment in a farm, agreeing to spend a larger than normal portion of their food purchase dollars with a single farmer, and the customer gives this money upfront and the beginning of an agreed upon purchase period (in our case by quarter). The accumulation of all the CSA memberships in effect provides the farmer with a zero interest loan that they can use to invest in the growth of the farm. This investment protects farmers from many of the vulnerabilities of farm cash flow, such as having an off weekend at the farmers market, an unexpected farm expense, or lack of capital to make farm improvements. In return, the farmer usually dedicates their best produce, their newest crops, and/or limited quantity events or items to their CSA members first, since they are often the ones that made those achievements possible! While we pride ourselves on our high quality at all of our sales venues, at our farm we have written on our white board “Haw River Mushrooms CSA members get first grabs at limited varieties, give ‘em the best of the best!”.

Are there other benefits to being a Haw River Mushrooms CSA Member?

Right now our CSA is very small (less than 10 shares), but a 2020 goal is to increase the CSA to 100 shares by the end of the year. As the CSA grows, we will be adding staffing support, CSA member only events, and other features based on member feedback. For now, you would be joining our CSA as a pioneering member and coming along for the ride during this growth year. If you think you will be most successful in benefiting from the CSA with the support of newsletters, weekly delivered recipes, etc, please consider giving us a year to put these things in place. If you’re ready to go now, we do have a pinterest page ( with lots of recipe ideas) and an open farm day in April and October. You’ll receive a pound of fresh, sustainably grown mushrooms each week and you’ll soon be a pro at adding them to your pasta sauce, quiches, empanadas, breakfast scrambles, stroganoff, and the hundreds of other dishes that are enhanced by the addition of protein and umami rich mushrooms.

What happens if I need to miss a week?

We get it. We can’t always be in our lovely state of North Carolina. If you need to skip a week, email us and let us know whether you would prefer (1) a double share on a different week of your choosing (2) Substitute of two bags of mushroom jerky the week before or after your travel (3) Donate your share to a hardworking farmer at the farmers market.

What should I expect in my weekly share:

Our staples are oyster mushrooms, lions mane, shiitake, and cinnamon caps. We sometimes offer specialties like Black Pearl (similar to King Trumpet —-tastes like scallops) winecaps, blewitts, pink and gold oyster, or seasonal foraged mushrooms. If you have a preference for more or less of a mushroom just let us know and we will adjust accordingly (eg -no foraged mushrooms, extra lions mane, etc). If a pound of mushrooms feels like too much, you can opt to receive 4 bags of jerky at the beginning of each month and a third lb of mushrooms during the week.

Are there benefits to eating more mushrooms?

Food science is certainly a young field, but there is certainly lots of promising research about potential health benefits of mushrooms. Most importantly, they are culinarily amazingly diverse. Lions mane tastes like crab meat, maitake has a steaky flavor to it! Check out these articles for information on the latest studies about potential mushroom health benefits: