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Blue Oyster Sawdust Spawn, 10lb bag

Blue Oyster Sawdust Spawn, 10lb bag

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Inoculate your own logs, straw, woodchips, and more using our blue oyster sawdust spawn! These blocks weigh roughly 10lb and are ready for immediate use (store in the refrigerator for later projects). Our sawdust spawn blocks are comprised of a hardwood sawdust and soybean hull substrate that has been colonized by blue oyster mushroom mycelium. 

Blue oysters are vigorous growers and can adapt to many different substrates. A reliable producer on hardwood and semi-hardwood logs. Choose this sawdust spawn for your straw, wood chips, cardboard, coffee grounds, and experimental grows. 

Refrigerate your sawdust spawn until use (up to 3 months). This product does not come with instructions, but both Google and YouTube have hundreds of resources on using sawdust spawn to inoculate your substrate of choice. If you've taken our log or straw inoculation courses, this is what we use to inoculate those substrates! 

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