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Mushroom Salts & Seasonings

Mushroom Salts & Seasonings

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Here at Haw River Mushrooms our salts are our go-to secret ingredient for adding umami and nuance to any dish.  We put them on veggies, make salad dressings with them, create barbecue rubs, and it makes for a killer rubbed kale salad.  

How do we pack so much flavor into each dash of salt?

We start with a sheetpan covered with nutrient rich Celtic salt.  We cover this pan in a mix of our mushrooms (as well as garlic and herbs for the seasoning salt) and pop it in the roaster.  As the mushrooms heat up they release their moisture and infuse their flavor into the salt.  We then dehydrate and blend everything, leaving a final product that is 50% flavor infused salt, and 50% mushroom for truly flavor rich experience.

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