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Fresh Mushroom Mix

Fresh Mushroom Mix

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About Our Mushroom Mixes

Our fresh mushroom mixes provide you with a scrumptious selection of our seasonal mushroom varieties.  A great way to access a mix of mushrooms at a great price for mixed mushroom dishes or to sample and discover your new favorites.

We change some of our varieties seasonally, and the timing of those shifts varies based a number of factors from weather patterns to colonization timing. Fresh mushrooms cannot be shipped and Farmer's Choice varieties cannot be specified.

Farmer's Choice Mixes May Include:

  • Blue Oyster
  • Lions Mane
  • Black Pearl Oyster (Similar to King Trumpet)
  • Cinnamon Cap
  • Golden and Pink Oyster (Warm Weather Varieties)
  • Snow and Italian Oyster (Cool Weather Varieties)
  • Shiitake (*we do not anticipate having shiitake in stock until early 2023)

Oyster Mixes may include any of the oyster varieties specified above.

Lion's Mane only boxes will include only lion's mane mushrooms.

Mix Sizes

Small Box Mix:  Contains a farmer's choice of three varieties of our freshest stock, approximately 0.66 lb.

Large Box Mix:  One pound of mushrooms with a minimum of four varieties.

Family Size: Our most abundant mix of mushrooms, you may not achieve enlightenment, but we will make you one with everything (bump bump, chiiiiing!).  A fantastic choice for families, folks planning to make and freeze, or getting larger mushroom pieces to awe and please your guests and housemates.  1.4-1.5 lb. (4 quarts) mix of at least 4 varieties- due to size the family mix is given in a paper bag instead of a box.

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