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Fresh Mushroom Mix

Fresh Mushroom Mix

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About Our Mushroom Mixes

Our fresh mushroom mixes provide you with a scrumptious selection of our seasonal mushroom varieties.  A great way to access a mix of mushrooms at a great price for mixed mushroom dishes or to sample and discover your new favorites.

We change some of our varieties seasonally, and the timing of those shifts varies based a number of factors from weather patterns to colonization timing. Mixes are packed using the freshest available mushrooms and cannot be customized.

Mixes May Include:

  • Blue Oyster
  • Lions Mane
  • Black Pearl (Similar to King Trumpet)
  • Cinnamon Cap
  • Golden or Pink Oyster (Warm Weather Varieties)
  • Snow or Italian Oyster (Cool Weather Varieties)
  • Shiitake (*we do not anticipate having shiitake in stock until early 2023)


Mix Sizes

Small Box Mix:  Contains a farmer's choice of three varieties of our freshest stock.

Large Box Mix:  One pound of mushrooms with a minimum of four varieties.

Family Size: Our most abundant mix of mushrooms, you may not achieve enlightenment, but we will make you one with everything (bump bump, chiiiiing!).  A fantastic choice for families, folks planning to make and freeze, or getting larger mushroom pieces to awe and please your guests and housemates.  1.4-1.5 lb. (4 quarts) mix of at least 4 varieties- due to size the family mix is given in a paper bag instead of a box.

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What customers are saying....

I'm obsessed with these salts! I'm eating more vegetables now that I can put this on them! - Angela