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Grow Your Own Lion's Mane Mushrooms, 5lb bag

Grow Your Own Lion's Mane Mushrooms, 5lb bag

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Grow your own lion's mane mushrooms with one of our grow bags! Each grow bag consists of approximately 5 pounds of hardwood sawdust and soybean hull substrate that has been colonized with the mycelium of lion's mane mushrooms. 

All you need to start your grow is a clean knife and clean spray bottle filled with water. Your grow bag will need access to fresh air and ambient light, so a kitchen counter is usually a great location. Blocks need daily misting to fruit reliably, most people will see mushrooms forming within 2-3 weeks. Instructions are included with your bag (but can also be found here).

Refrigerate your grow bag if you plan on gifting or waiting to start (up to 1 month). 

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